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Wingshooting Adventures

Join David Luke, today, for the Wingshooting adventure of your dreams!  Hunt with Dave across America, Mexico, Argentina, Europe, Russia or Africa, for the bird hunting trip you desire. Dave, annually, sets-up trips around the world, specializing in wingshooting for collectors, or field shooters alone.  David Luke will set up, or join your group, guaranteeing safe entry into foreign countries, and safe shipment of your bird trophies back home.  As a designated facility for the State of Louisiana Agriculture, David insures the safe, and meticulous care of your hard-earned trophy birds, which help to guarantee the best possible, finished mount.

All of David Luke Wingshooting adventures are small group hunts, with care given to exacting detail and collecting.  Talk with David about his upcoming events, as annually, trips are constantly being created and booked.  Dave has collected around the  world, and the focus is always quality specimens for taxidermy work, thereby insuring the hunter-collector the very finest, in completed trophy mounts.  Many of the United States finest taxidermists have used and hunted with David Luke Wingshooting Adventures for the quality and ease of the hunt, and for the collection of magnificent bird specimens! From hunting North Europe for Blackcock or Capercaillie, Africa for Pygmy Geese,  Egyptian Geese and Spur-winged Geese, or Southern Mexico for Ocellated Turkey, or Argentina for Brazilian, Speckled, Silver or Ringed Teal, contact David Luke Taxidermy for the best in Wingshooting the World! 

One of the interesting assets of traveling the World to hunt waterfowl and gamebirds is that hunting in the United  States, today, has become increasingly more difficult, restraining, and expensive. And, of course, the hunting season, for gamebirds and waterfowl, within the United States, is typically a fall endeavor.  With all the seasons of the year, in reverse, when you cross the equator, it allows the true wingshooter an entire summer of possible wingshooting adventure!  May, June, July and August are exceptional months to hunt Argentina, Chile, Africa, and New Zealand.  This not only adds to the wingshooter’s enjoyment, for year around sport, but, it improves the taxidermist’s work-log, for inventory taken in, resulting in more artwork, and higher financial reward!

Call, or email David Luke Taxidermy today, for upcoming hunting and travel arrangements for Wingshooting Adventures.  David will be promoting hunts this spring for Ocellated turkey in the Campeche area, along with Black-billed Capercaillie and white-billed Capercaillie in Russia, North and South of Lake Baikal, and ducks and geese with doves and pigeons, in central and southern Argentina.  David Luke Taxidermy plans a full ten-day bird safari, next September, in South Africa, Natal and Namibia, for collection of the famed sandgrouse (four species), ducks, geese, francolin, guinea, pigeon and dove.  Contact Dave today, for your next wingshooting adventure!

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