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David Luke’s well known seminars and one-on-one, two and a half-day, and five-day Intensive Study Programs are popular, worldwide!  In the last twenty years, Dave has taught and educated hundreds of individuals on the art of taxidermy.  Seminar schedules begin in spring, and end late fall of the year.  The Intensive study programs in bird taxidermy are geared to the beginner, novice, amateur, professional or master taxidermist, and range in interest from beginner’s wanting to learn skinning skills, to professionals wanting to speed work schedules to obtain more financial control of their respective business’s, to masters in the art, trying to take that meaningful blue ribbon in the next National or World Competition.

All Intensive Study Programs take place in Dave’s studio, where the student will not only observe bird taxidermy, from beginning to completion, but, will have a “hands-on” approach to the art of bird taxidermy.  Each student will complete his or her own work daily, with all tools and materials provided by David Luke’s studio, students need only to bring their personal or their client’s trophies to work upon.  Students will take their completed work home at the end of the seminar.

Work days will cover all aspects of avian taxidermy, from stringent Federal and State law observation, client and book keeping information, to skinning, fleshing, wheeling, washing and tumbling dry of the skins.  Manikin preparation, from hand made excelsior bodies, or cast urethane bodies, neck construction and anatomy.  Dried skins will then be assembled with final wiring and rebuilding of muscle structure, skull structure (using either original skull work, or cast head work), sewing, and finally, positioning of the completely assembled bird.  (This is the great part of taxidermy, the final positioning of the mounted specimen, and with Dave’s museum collection of over five hundred bird mounts, visualizing the final position is a snap!)  Airbrush and handpainting, along with base making is also covered!   Common subjects within the study program are laws, rules and regulations, customer handling, anatomy, and reference, reference, reference!

Whether your objective is to learn bird anatomy and simply complete a bird a day, or, if your wishing to bump production from two birds a day to four, or, if your trying to compete on a National or World Competition level, David Luke’s Taxidermy Intensive Study Program is for you!  Contact David Luke Taxidermy for course schedules and dates at David Luke Taxidermy 985-626-1930 or email David at Lukefu@aol.com.

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