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TaxidermyDavid Luke Taxidermy has been an ever-expanding business, beginning in 1967.  Through the late sixties, during Davidís high school years, David developed the early techniques that are still used, and taught today, in Davidís taxidermy studio, and within his Worldwide known, extensive study seminars.   Still, through thirty-five years of taxidermy, Dave utilizes age old, techniques and skills, mixed with modern tools and supplies, to produce the best possible mount, giving the outdoor sportsman, the very best in finished master pieces. From hand carved fish manikins, one-off plaster moldings, hand wrapped excelsior bird bodies, or hand painted fish scales and birdís bills and feet, David Luke uses the old, time tested creativity of the early ďMastersĒ of taxidermy, to bring the very finest in finished, trophy work, for the discriminating sportsman!

Game Bird MountingEvery single mount is hand created, by David Luke.  Dave still hand fleshes, tans, carves, engineers, and creates every mounted masterpiece, from concept to completion, to guarantee uniqueness, quality and longevity in each and every mount! 

Focusing on bird taxidermy for over thirty-five years has allowed Dave to create new techniques from age-old ideas, and formulate marvelous concepts in finished mounts and habitat displays.  Studying anatomy and live birds, not only from many hunting days, afield, annually, to pen raised waterfowl and gamebirds in Davidís own yard, has allowed Dave to mount the most realistic and lifelike birds for his clientís collections.  With years of Ornithological study, and the diversity of bird hunting around the world, Daveís bird taxidermy has excelled to State, Regional, National, International, and World Taxidermy Awards!  David Luke is a much sought after judge and seminar instructor, having judged and given seminars to State, Regional, National, and World Taxidermy competitions and shows.  David Luke has also given seminars in manyMallard Ducks foreign countries, including Canada, New Zealand, Mexico, Finland, Africa and Argentina!  David Lukeís artistic waterfowl and gamebird mounts are shown in many museums around the world, and in thousands of sportsmenís homes throughout the United States And, excluding Hawaii, there are hundreds of taxidermists, worldwide, or several, in every State within the United States, that has taken one, or more, of David Lukeís Intensive Study programs and Seminars.  Award Winning Taxidermy, Dedicated to Mounting a Better Bird!

Visit Daveís taxidermy studio, located in Mandeville, Louisiana (about thirty miles North of New Orleans, Louisiana).  The central showroom consists of over 500 mounts, including every North American waterfowl and gamebird, every North European gamebird, most of South Americaís, and most of Africaís waterfowl and gamebirds, all mounted by, and collected by David Luke, on his many hunting excursions!

For planning your next wingshooting adventure, or, for your taxidermy needs, Call David Luke Taxidermy, 3845-4, Highway 22, Mandeville, Louisiana, at 985-626-1930, or email David Luke using the "e-mail" button on any of these web pages.


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