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About David

Dave Luke began taxidermy as a young boy, when, at the age of twelve, his grandmother bought him the North American School of Taxidermy lessons.  Dave had been saving duck and other bird wings in his top dresser drawer, from hunts with his father and brother, and the aroma had overtaken the entire room!  Learning to save these wonderful trophies from earlier hunts, by skinning and washing, was the first step in Dave learning the basics of taxidermy.  In his early teens, Dave had a small business, mounting and preserving birds, in his garage within the backyard.  Spurred by his father’s outdoor interests, both Dave and his brother, Dan, become avid outdoorsmen.  In the spring of 1968, Dave graduated from the Northwestern School of Taxidermy and still has his diploma from this early correspondence course!

By high school, Dave’s hunting and fishing had pretty much taken over as “mainstay” hobbies.  From practicing falconry, to raising gamebirds, bird hunting with his father and brother had become the passion that still grows today.  From early, modest beginnings, mounting birds in a garage on an old door for a table top, and teaching taxidermy to school friends and hunters, to the present, where Dave’s taxidermy shop, in Mandeville, Louisiana holds the largest showroom in the South, displaying EVERY North American gamebird and waterfowl, Dave still focus’s on his early mounting desire, to produce the finest taxidermy for the most discriminating sportsmen.  As Dave Luke’s well-known study seminars attest, “Award winning taxidermy, dedicated to mounting a better bird!”

Dave has expanded his taxidermy skills throughout the years, to now offer the finest in all phases of taxidermy art.  From hand carved bodies and hand painted fresh and salt water fish, to the finest detail in quality gamehead taxidermy, David Luke Taxidermy can produce the finest in quality, award-winning mounts! 

Dave has been involved competing, teaching, and judging taxidermy for over twenty-five years.  Dave has taught the early John Rinehart Taxidermy schools, has given seminars in over six countries, and has hundreds of students from personal, one on one training, in Dave’s studio.  Dave has also judged dozens of state shows, Regional, National, and World Competitions.  As an early competitor, Dave has won first place titles in State, Regional, National, and World Taxidermy competitions!

Dave’s interests in birds and wingshooting, has led him to create wingshooting adventures, worldwide, to help friends, client’s and fellow taxidermist hunt and collect birds from around the world!  Dave has hunted Mexico, annually, from the early seventies, and hunts Southern Mexico, South America, Europe, New Zealand, or Africa annually.  Check with Dave, as hunts for exotic birds and age-old wingshooting adventures, are always on the burner.  Traveling with David Luke Taxidermy allows the best for the wingshooter.  With personal attention to gamelaws, guides, quality of birds, and quality of bird hunting areas, with attention to importation, allows the wingshooting collector the absolute finest trophies.

Today, David Luke’s Taxidermy studio is physically located at 3845-suite 4, Highway 22, Mandeville, Louisiana, 70471.  Phone 985-626-1930.  Boasting a showroom with over 500 bird, fish and mammal mounts, the museum-like display is open to the public.  New mounts are being added weekly, and clients are welcome at anytime, to visit and view the display!

If wingshooting is your passion, if you are truly interested in the finest in waterfowl and gamebird taxidermy, please contact Dave for your next trophy mounts, or, to discuss the next wing shooting adventure of your lifetime!  From hunting Capercaillie in the North of Europe, Spurwinged geese and Pygmy geese in Africa,  Magellan’s and Ashy heads in Argentina, or just hunting greenwings and bluewings in Louisiana, or White-fronted geese in the rice fields of the west, call Dave for your bird taxidermy and wingshooting needs!

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