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David Luke Taxidermy is an approved facility for Agriculture within the state of Louisiana, allowing David Luke Taxidermy to import bird trophies, worldwide.  David has worked with Wildlife and Fisheries and State Agriculture for over fifteen years, declaring importation from many countries around the world.  With David Luke Taxidermy handling your bird trophies, you are guaranteed the best possible importation, hassle free, that can be expected, allowing bird trophies to be handled quickly, and safely. 

When traveling with David Luke, wingshooting adventures, frozen birds are flown with the hunters, directly into the United States.  David Luke handles all customs and paperwork needed.  This is most important, as it allows the Wingshooter’s hard earned trophy birds to stay frozen, and out of “harm’s way”, and the terror of birds being lost, or defrosted, or neglected, is minimized.

David Luke can, prior to any of your “Out of Country” hunting excursions, create the needed documents for importation and clearing of customs, so that clearing customs can become an easy and quick transaction.  Talk with David about import

Whether importing birds from a great duck and goose hunt in Argentina, or transporting that difficult to obtain Ocellated turkey from the southern Mexico jungles, rely on David Luke Taxidermy for your import needs. 

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